What is a Burrito Thermos?

Part protective covering, part funnel for a Burrito, this mono-use innovation takes your burrito experience to places you never thought possible.

Key to the Burrito Thermos experience is the chapstick-like twisting action.  This allows your burrito to be safely stored away during normal conditions.  Once your burrito craving strikes, just twist the bottom mechanism to deliver your perfect burrito directly to your mouth.  No messy hands.

Why use a Burrito Thermos?

Why put a helmet on when you ride a bike?  You don’t have to have protection in this world, but you’re always glad you did when something goes wrong.

Safety, protection, warmth, tenderness, comfort.  The Burrito Thermos is all these things and more.

If you’ve ever had to re-wrap your burrito in foil, you know it can get messy and cool down fast, spoiling the enjoyment of having a burrito later.  When you use a Burrito Thermos, you keep the heat in, the burrito packed tight, and also provide a slick protective casing.

Our mission

We know left-over food can go unloved and tossed away.  We fundamentally believe this food could be saved and eaten again if we could only provide a better post-meal meal experience.  Enter the Burrito Thermos: a limitless way to eat your left-over Burrito.

Our story


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